I'm Jon Raymond. I considered writing this section in the third person ("Jonathan Raymond is a journalist with over eight years' experience. He has written for...") but I thought that might be too transparently pretentious.


Some basics: I'm 29 years old, grew up in the Bay Area, went to school at Northeastern, then bounced from Atlanta to New York, scratching along through my early-20s. Then, for the last three years and change, I lived and worked in the Middle East, at a UK-style English-language daily.  


It was a transformational period for me. I traveled far and wide (Armenia to Myanmar to East Timor, along with some more conventional destinations), and covered (NBA, world soccer, Formula 1, horse racing, tennis, golf, UFC, sailing, Olympics) or aided in covering (cricket, rugby, jiu-jitsu, diving, badminton, and, yes, even the NFL/NHL/MLB) just about everything.

Now my wife, Alex, and I have returned back to the US. I've arrived home with a particularly expansive perspective on sports in the world, a knack for enthusiastically dipping my toes into whatever comes along and even a few words of Arabic. 

I'm excited to see what comes next. And if you're ever in need of someone who can explain cricket, I can fill the role.